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Iconic Couvertures.
New Look.

Masters of Swiss+edel Couvertures by Carma

The Masters of
Swiss Edel CouverturesTM
since 1931.

Just as nature turns valuable materials into minerals and gemstones through crystallisation, the Masters of Swiss Edel Couvertures™ since 1931 at CARMA® use their passion and experience to turn different varieties of cocoa into brilliant Edel Couvertures. Each one a precious jewel.

The Masters of Swiss Edel CouverturesTM since 1931.
Swiss milk

Masterly selection
of raw materials.

Our products create joyful experiences, and the process starts with the selection of the finest raw materials. We use products that are 100% Swiss – for the couvertures, it’s the milk and sugar.

Perfect quality

Masterly processes.

Over our 85 years of history, we have continually improved our production processes. This means that we can create products which guarantee success under any conditions and remain consistent in terms of colour, taste and consistency. Because reliability counts.

Masterly inspirations - Wow!

Masterly inspirations.

CARMA® offers classic products such as our Des Alpes couverture, which has allowed generations of professionals to bring their creative forces to life. At the same time, we are continually expanding our range of flavours and colours. We also regularly launch innovative new couvertures that are as fail-safe as their predecessors.

The range in new packaging design

The couverture range.

CARMA® is famed for its exceptional couvertures. The different couverture ranges offer a variety of flavour profiles for a wide range of chocolate creations.

Range White Chocolate
Range Milk Chocolate
Range Dark Chocolate
Core Range

core range – mastered
to perfection.

Think pralines, desserts, cakes, entremets, petits fours and verrines. All our core range couvertures are blended with a minimum content of edel cocoa, they are all UTZ certified, halal and kosher dairy. They are superbly workable for all kinds of applications from casting hollow moulds – like Easter bunnies – to luscious center fillings. And offers a wired working range: from machine to hand processing.

Origin Rare

Origin Rare
– tempting, tempting.

These couvertures are made from beans that are from a single country of origin: Venezuela, Grenada, Madagascar or Ecuador. The thing about unblended cocoa is that it retains its unique personality.